The CHAMACOS StudyFollowing 600 children in the Salinas Valley, CA, from birth through age 12, to study environmental exposures and children's health. CHAMACOS
China Benzene and Sperm Study (C-BASS)Investigating whether genetic damage in sperm is associated with use of benzene in factory workers in Tianjin, China.C-BASS
Environmental Exposure StudiesResearch to assess and reduce pesticide and chemical exposures in pregnant women and children.Exposure Studies
Environmental Quality in California Child Care Study and Outreach ProgramResearch to protect children's health by improving environmental quality in California child care settings.Child Care Studies
Seveso Women's Health StudyInvestigating effects of dioxin exposure from a 1976 industrial accident in Seveso, Italy, on the health of local women.Seveso
Age, Diet, and Genetic Effects in Sperm Study (AGES)Investigating whether damage to genetic material or a decline in sperm quality is related to aging and/or diet quality.Seveso