Jennifer Ames

Jennifer Ames

PhD Student
(510) 643-4717
Jenn is a doctoral student in the epidemiology program at UC Berkeley. Her research interests are broadly in environmental epidemiology with a particular focus on prenatal and early life exposures to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Norma Calderon

Norma Calderón

(831) 759-6548
Ms. Calderon is a psychometrician for the CHAMACOS study and conducts the 9 year and 10.5 year interviews. The interview visits include getting the consent signed, taking measurement of mother participants, helping in collecting urine and hair samples and aliquoting samples and administer the 9 year and 10.5 year questionnaire and other duties required to complete the investigation.

Rosemary Castorina

Rosemary Castorina, PhD

Assistant Researcher
(510) 642-9545
Dr. Castorina is an environmental health scientist; she researches methods for quantifying exposure and health risk. She is currently analyzing determinants of brominated flame retardant exposure in pregnant women and children.

Jose Camacho

Jose Camacho

Community Outreach
(831) 759-6548
Mr. Camacho is a long-time resident of the Salinas Valley and has worked with the CHAMACOS study for 11 years. He is an expert trainer and has presented hundreds of talks and workshops about environmental health and children. His presentations have focused on results of the CHAMACOS study, pesticide exposure prevention, environmental health in child care, and healthy homes.  Mr. Camacho has also contributed to many CHAMACOS studies, helping to organize and collect environmental samples from homes, fields, and child care facilities, and has inspected thousands of Salinas Valley homes.

 Fraser Gaspar

Fraser Gaspar, MPH

Doctoral Candidate
(510) 643-4717
Mr. Gaspar is a doctoral candidate in the Environmental Health Sciences program. Mr. Gaspar’s dissertation combines biomonitoring data with indoor air models to characterize insecticide exposure. He is also investigating the relationship between prenatal DDT exposure and children’s cognitive development. In his spare time, Mr. Gaspar works on a research project studying indoor air quality in child care facilities.

Lisa Goldman-Rosas

Lisa Goldman Rosas, PhD MPH

(650) 575-9519
Dr. Goldman Rosas provides consultation for the Community Outreach and Translation Core particularly in the area of youth involvement and health policy. Dr. Goldman Rosas’s research interests focus on the determinants of childhood obesity in Latino children.

Bob Gunier

Bob Gunier, MPH PhD

Data Analyst
(510) 642-9419
Dr. Gunier analyzes data to evaluate the relationship between biological and environmental samples and adverse health outcomes in children.

Hedy Hernandez

Hedy Hernandez

Study Interviewer
(831) 759-6548
Ms. Hernandez conducts the 9 year and 10.5 year interviews for the CHAMACOS study. The interview visits include getting the consent signed, taking measurement of mother participants, helping in collecting urine and hair samples and aliquoting samples and administer the 9 year and 10.5 year questionnaire and other duties required to complete the investigation.

Shanda Hunt, JD

Assistant Director
(510) 642-9420
Shanda Hunt is the Assistant Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health, a former lawyer, and mother of a young child on the autism spectrum. She oversees all administrative aspects of the Center, in addition to, seeking out funding and partnerships for the Center to further expand its work into the areas of research on environmental causes of autism spectrum disorders. Prior to joining CERCH in February of 2014, Shanda worked in law firms, local government, higher education, and the financial industry. She graduated with a juris doctorate from Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley, in 2004 and with a bachelor of arts from UC Berkeley with a major in Anthropology focused on Genetics, and a minor in Native American Studies. Shanda lives in the Bay Area with her husband and daughter.


Sanie Hernandez-Weldon, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar
(510) 642-6428

Dr. Weldon is a Post-Doctoral Scholar in the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. She coordinates the Age and Genetic Effects in Sperm Study (AGES), a study of the associations of nutrients in semen and semen quality and genetic endpoints measured in the sperm of healthy men, as well as the China Benzene and Sperm Study (C-BASS), a study of the genetic effects of benzene in the sperm and blood of Chinese men. Dr. Weldon’s research focuses on exposure assessment of mothers and children with particular emphasis on measuring pesticides and other environmental chemicals in breast milk.

Katie Kogut

Katie Kogut, MPH MSc

CHAMACOS Study Coordinator
(510) 642-8917
Ms. Kogut is the Study Coordinator of the CHAMACOS Study. She oversees all aspects of data collection for CHAMACOS including development of questionnaires and developmental asssessments, training of staff, and quality assurance activities. She is particularly interested in factors affecting children’s neurodevelopment and behavior. Ms. Kogut holds a Masters of Public Health from UC Berkeley and a Masters of Psychology from University College in London.

Daniel Madrigal

Daniel S. Madrigal, MPH

Coordinator of Community Outreach
(510) 642-9508
Mr. Madrigal coordinates and helps carry out efforts to share study findings with study participants, Salinas Valley community members, and other people that have a vested interest in the results of the study. These efforts include: planning forums, co-facilitating a youth group, writing newsletters, and managing CERCH’s web presence.

Ana Maria

Ana Maria Mora, MD MPH

PhD Student
(510) 295-9575
Dr. Mora is a doctoral student in the Epidemiology program focusing
on prenatal pesticide exposure and health effects in children living near banana plantations in Costa Rica.


Kimberly Parra

Field Office Coordinator
(831) 759-6548
Ms. Parra works for the CHAMACOS study and conducts the 9 Year, 9 Year Interim, and 10.5 Year visits. This include taking child’s measurements, administering neurological assessments, Tanner Staging, collecting urine and hair samples, and collecting blood samples via venipuncture.


Lesliam Quirós Alcalá, PhD MS

Postdoctoral Scholar
(510) 642-9420
Dr. Quirós Alcalá received her PhD in Environmental Health Sciences from UC Berkeley. She has a background in bioengineering and industrial hygiene and safety engineering. Dr. Quirós Alcalá’s main research areas include environmental exposure disparities in vulnerable populations including mothers, children, and occupationally-exposed and low-income populations.

Abu Taher Sikder

IT/Administrative Assistant
(510) 642- 9083
Responsible for assisting with IT issues and administrative tasks.

Lauren Stein

Lauren Stein

Graduate Student Researcher
(510) 642- 9083
Ms. Stein is a Master of Public Health student in the Epidemiology/Biostatistics program at U.C. Berkeley, focusing on prenatal and pediatric health. Her primary roles at CERCH include study instrument development and study implementation, and data analysis.


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