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The information on these pages is intended to provide information sorted into categories of what we think different kinds of visitors will be interested in viewing. We invite you to peruse any of these categories as well as the other areas of the site.

Parents and Families Kids and Teens! Community Groups
Health Professionals Childcare Providers

On the audience pages, here is what you can find:

Parents and Families

  • A quick guide of where to find information on the website
  • A list of health education materials that can be accessed on-line

Kids and Teens

  • Kid- and Teen-oriented information about environmental health and how to protect ourselves and our families from environmental hazards
  • Links to games and fun environmental health sites for kids

Community Groups

  • Strategies to stay safe from environmental hazards
  • A guide to available presentations for community groups

Health Professionals

  • A guide to available health-professional-oriented trainings
  • Information for health workers, nurses, physicians, and other health practitioners regarding ways to incorporate findings from the CHAMACOS Study into your practice
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