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Environmental exposures can take place at home, at work, indoors, outdoors, and through our food or drink. On this page, you can find information about how to protect yourself and your family from environmental exposures.

Exposure and Health Materials:

The Prenatal Kiosk

  • Try out our Prenatal Environmental Health Kiosk!  This interactive, self-guided computer program teaches pregnant women about reducing their exposure to environmental chemical.  Currently available only in Spanish. (English coming soon!)
  • Click here or on the icon to go directly to the Kiosk.

Presentations and Trainings:

  • CERCH offers presentations and trainings on topics such as household safety, pesticide exposure prevention, and many more.
  • For a complete listing of presentations and trainings, click here.
  • Request a presentation by filling out our presentation request web form or calling the CHAMACOS Field Office in Salinas, CA (831.759.6548).

Maps of Pesticide Usage

  • Click to view maps of the Salinas Valley agricultural region’s recent pesticide usage levels. Data from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Children’s Resources

  • Visit the Children and Teens page to find age-appropriate, fun and educational resources for children and youth.
  • Young people make great advocates for environmental exposure prevention for themselves, their families and their friends.  We are pleased to help children build a foundation of knowledge about children’s environmental health in fun and engaging ways, such as:
    • Interactive displays at community events:
      • The CHAMACOS booth offers face painting and prizes for playing the colorful, fun and age-appropriate Prize Wheel children’s environmental health trivia game
    • Youth Community Council (click here to learn more)
    • Puppet Show for Children
      • The puppet show is a multimedia, interactive presentation for children aged 6-8 years about environmental health and exposure prevention in daily-life situations.
      • Children interact with the puppets and learn to identify environmental hazards and about basic exposure prevention.
      • 3 Main Topics covered: 1) pesticide exposures, 2) possible health effects of exposure, and 3) practical prevention strategies like washing hands, and strategies specific to having farmworker parents, when applicable.

CERCH Newsletters:

  • CERCH also sends out an eNewsletter with updates on the latest CERCH activities and findings. Sign up to receive our eNewsletter using the signup box in the right hand column of this website, or email  (CERCH dot newsletter at berkeley dot edu) with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.



Methyl Bromide and Birth Outcomes Fact Sheet [ENGLISH] [SEPT. 2013] MeBr Study Factsheet English
Methyl Bromide and Birth Outcomes Fact Sheet [SPANISH] [SEPT. 2013] Spanish MeBr Study Fact Sheet

Flame Retardants (PBDEs)

Flame Retardants Factsheets [ENGLISH] [Sept. 2012] Factsheet on Flame Retardants English
Flame Retardants Factsheets [SPANISH] [Sept. 2012] Factsheet on Flame Retardants Spanish


  • National Institute of Environmental Health Science’s Pesticide Page
    • Educational resource to learn about, and how to protect yourself from pesticides
  • Pediatric Env.  Health Specialty Unit, UCSF
    • This page contains links to information for families on how children can be impacted by their environment. The PEHSU network has developed factsheets on specific environmental hazards with recommendations for protecting children. There are videos and links to other educational resources to find out more about environmental hazards and children’s unique vulnerabilities.

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