Community Outreach

The CERCH Community Outreach and Translation Core ensures that community input is directly incorporated into the research.  Community outreach also helps build relationships to ensure wide dissemination of study results to participants, community members in the Salinas Valley area,  and to the broader policy and scientific communities.

Reaching the Entire Community

Outreach goals:

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  1. To share research findings with CHAMACOS Study participants, community members and other stakeholders.  
  2. To increase awareness of children’s environmental health.  
  3. To build the community’s capacity to understand and respond to environmental health challenges.  
  4. To educate policy makers at all levels about CHAMACOS and about children’s environmental health priorities.

Advisory Structures:

CERCH has a variety of multidisciplinary councils and boards that guide our research. These advisory structures bring a diversity of community expertise, interests, and feedback into the CHAMACOS Study design. These boards and councils are comprised of community partners who are essential to the quality of our research.

Community Advisory Board to the CHAMACOS Cohort Study

  • Composed of representatives from the agricultural industry, county environmental and health agencies, local elected representatives, advocacy groups, farmworkers, and other key community stakeholders.
  • They provide input on research, review results, and advise on strategies to disseminate results.

Farmworkers Council

  • Eight long-term farmworkers from the Salinas Valley and other leaders in the farmworker community.
  • Their role is to ensure direct communication between farmworkers and study activities and to help design field studies, such as the Intervention Study and continuing outreach.

Growers Council

  • Representatives of the agricultural industry, including growers, shippers, and industry advocacy groups.

External Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Comprised of experts in epidemiology, children’s environmental health, biomonitoring, and other related research fields, as well as a community member from the Community Advisory Board.
  • The External Scientific Advisory Board is an integral advisory structure to our Center, providing overall guidance and advice on program direction.
  • The members convene with the CERCH research team annually and on an as-needed basis to review our work, help us to problem-solve, and to advise on future directions.
  • External Scientific Advisory Board Members:
    • Larry Kushi, Sc.D., Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
    • Michael Lipsett, M.D., Chief of the Environmental Health Investigations Branch, CA DPH
    • Robert Wright, M.D., Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Health, Harvard
    • A rotating member of the Community Advisory Board (currently Mike Meuter, CRLA)

Research and Outreach Team:

  • Meredith Minkler, PhD, Director, Community Outreach and Translation Core
  • Daniel Madrigal, MPH, Outreach Coordinator
  • Jose Camacho
  • Celina Trujillo, MPH
  • Kimberly Parra
  • Gardenia Casillas
  • Brenda Eskenazi, PhD
  • Asa Bradman, PhD
  • Sonya Wyrobek
  • Alicia Salvatore, PhD, Stanford University
  • Lisa Goldman Rosas, PhD, Stanford University
Funded By: Duration: Study Contact:
  • The National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 2001-2006
Asa Bradman, PhD
Associate Director for Exposure Assessment

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