Who Recycles the Most? (Focus on China)

Who recycles the most?

Who Recycles the Most

There is no definitive answer to this question as recycling rates vary greatly from country to country. However, some of the nations with the highest recycling rates include Germany, South Korea, and Austria.

Why did China stop taking recycling?

There are a few reasons why China stopped taking recycling. One reason is that China’s economy is now doing better than it was in the past, so the Chinese government no longer needs to import as much recycling to help boost their economy.

Additionally, the Chinese government has been cracking down on imports of foreign trash, as it is seen as a way to reduce pollution in China. Finally, the Chinese government has also been investing in domestic recycling infrastructure, so that the country is able to recycle more of its own waste.

What will happen if plastic pollution doesn’t stop?

The world’s oceans are filled with plastic pollution. This pollution is harmful to marine life and humans. If plastic pollution doesn’t stop, the world’s oceans will become more polluted and the marine life will suffer.

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