What Compost is Best for Growing Vegetables?

What compost is best for growing vegetables?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different gardeners have different preferences. Some gardeners prefer to use homemade compost, while others prefer to use commercial compost or a mixture of both. The important thing is to use a compost that is rich in nutrients and will help to improve the drainage and aeration of the soil.

How do you know your compost is done?

When your compost is done, it should look like dark, crumbly soil.

Should a compost bin have a lid?

A compost bin does not need a lid, but it can help keep animals out and contain the heat and moisture.

Can I add sugar to compost?

You can add sugar to compost, but it is best to avoid adding too much. Sugar can attract pests and cause the compost to smell bad.

Are potatoes good compost?

Yes, potatoes are good compost. They break down quickly and add nutrients to the compost.

Is shredded paper OK for compost?

Yes, shredded paper is a great addition to your compost pile!

Why is my compost not turning into soil?

If your compost is not turning into soil, it may be because it is too dry, too wet, or not aerated enough.

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