Environmental Hazards in Your Community

How to identify environmental hazards in your community


The following is a guide on how to identify environmental hazards in your community:


  1. Look for obvious signs of pollution.


This can include things like smokestacks or factories emitting large amounts of smoke, or bodies of water that are discolored.


  1. Pay attention to health problems in your community.


If there are unusually high rates of cancer or other health problems, it could be due to environmental hazards.


  1. Be aware of any strange smells.


Strong odors could be a sign of pollution.


  1. Educate yourself on the types of environmental hazards common in your area.


For example, if you live near a factory, learn about the types of pollutants that it might be emitting.


  1. Keep an eye out for new environmental hazards.


 Pay attention to any changes in your community, such as the opening of a new factory or the introduction of a new crop.


  1. Report any suspected environmental hazards to the proper authorities.


By doing so, you can help protect your community from potentially dangerous pollution.

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