What is Public Health and Safety?

Public health and safety is the study and practice of protecting the health and safety of people in a community. It includes the prevention of disease, the promotion of good health, and the protection of people from health and safety hazards.


What are the most serious threats to public health?


There are many potential threats to public health, but some of the most serious include communicable diseases, natural disasters, and bioterrorism.


Why public health is so important?


Public health is so important because it is responsible for ensuring that the population is healthy. It does this by preventing and controlling disease, promoting health, and protecting the public from health hazards.


What are the 4 components of public health?


The four components of public health are epidemiology, biostatistics, social sciences, and health services.


What are the major discipline in public health?


The major disciplines in public health are epidemiology, biostatistics, health services administration, and environmental health.


How does population affect health?


The relationship between population and health is complex. Population growth can put a strain on resources, which can in turn lead to poorer health for the people within that population. Conversely, a shrinking population can also lead to health problems, as seen in countries with an aging population.


What are the 8 factors that influence health?


The eight factors that influence health are: 

  1. Biological factors 
  2. Psychological factors 
  3. Social factors 
  4. Environmental factors 
  5. Behavioral factors 
  6. Economic factors 
  7. Political factors 
  8. Cultural factors

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